Why it matters

Nothing stops a bullet like a job.

Support for economic development in countries prone to conflict, has never been more important. For decades, the political and economic landscape in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region has been very unstable and support for extremists is fueled by lack of education and employment opportunities.

Entrepreneurship fosters stability and peace in areas affected by conflict or inadequate access to economic opportunity. The region is land-locked and highly dependent on foreign aid, but faces difficulty in obtaining long-term commitment from international supporters.

Furthermore, due to the exodus of professionals, the region is left without the management and entrepreneurship skills to accelerate economic growth.

This region is highly dangerous for women, with extremely low literacy rates and a strict patriarchal culture that leaves most women isolated from educational, health and economic resources. To make the region more economically and politically stable, women must be empowered to contribute. Educated, employed women are more likely to invest in the education, training and health of their children, and more likely to advocate for a better life for themselves, their families and their local community.

Future Brilliance works in collaboration with local people, men and women, to design projects that can provide women with incomes,  without having to leave the home. For instance the Gemstone and Jewelry Project trained 36 artisans from all over Afghanistan to a high level of technical and business skills in the industry, and then worked with them to develop the Aayenda Jewelry brand and Co-Operative. Commissions from sales of Aayenda have so far generated work for 1200 artisans in a conservative region in the north of the country, including 300 women, who were able to hand-carve beads for the collection from home.

Future Brilliance provides connectivity and community through trainings and mentorship in safe places. We equip our trainees with the skills to train others, ensuring greater outreach, and surmounting security restrictions that can reduce the effectiveness of international trainers. This has included delivering high level, personalised training with award-winning designers outside Afghanistan, as well as on-the-job training in places that they go currently (such as the Jewelry and Gem-Cutting School at Turquoise Mountain).

Ongoing training is also delivered to rural men and women by our course graduates, in places that are currently inaccessible to outsiders, to ensure maximum impact and inclusiveness. For instance, Zada, an inspirational entrepreneur whose designs are among the best-selling in the Aayenda Jewelry collection, is currently training 30 women in design and bead-making in Balkh Province. A royalty from sales of Aayenda Jewelry funded the completion of her training workshop in this remote village.





Our Values

We are a 21st century non-profit organisation committed to the following values:

Consultative, inclusive and collaborative

Working in partnership with governments

Driven by local economic needs

Fostering excellence in everything we do

Gender balanced

Transparent and accountable